Reel Thrills on MrGreen: Win Cash Spins

Reel Thrills
August 12, 2022 0 Comments

At Mr Green, a new Reel Thrill usually starts every fifteen minutes, and the tournament only lasts fifteen minutes. At certain times of the day, your chances of taking home a prize are really good, while both prizes and the number of participants are higher from 18-23, where Mr Green usually holds their Boosted Reel Thrills every full hour with extra high prize pools of up to 1,000 Cash Spins. The prizes are Cash Spins, i.e. Free Spins without playthrough requirements.

You participate by registering under Reel Thrill and then playing normally on the selected slot machine within the quarter that the tournament typically lasts. You can make as many spins as you can reach. In Reel Thrills, it is about getting the highest profit in relation to the bet over 20 spins. So you have to make at least 20 spins to get on the leaderboard. If you get a really high win on a spin, it pays to make another 19 spins to see if you can score another high win to optimize your score. Your best result over 20 spins will always be saved and appear on the leaderboard, which you can constantly see while playing.

You can play for both bonus and real money, but any winnings you win from the Cash Spins you win will be deposited into your cash balance.

At Mr Green you get a 100% bonus of up to DKK 1,000 on top of your first deposit. As a customer of Mr Green, you will also from time to time be offered a new 100% bonus, usually of a smaller amount. The bonus must be played through 10 times on slots before you can withdraw, but this wagering requirement only begins when and if you lose all the money in your cash balance. On the other hand, you can withdraw all the money from your cash balance at any time by simply giving up the bonus, which will then be cancelled. If you win a good profit from your Cash Spins or from your normal play, it may therefore be a good idea to increase your cash balance without completing the playthrough requirement on your bonus.

Clash of Spins at Videoslots: You participate automatically

Clash of Spins at Videoslots

Clash of Spins at Videoslots works a little differently from the other “Reel” tournaments. You do not need to register, nor do you need to play a specific slot machine. When you play slot machines at Videoslots for real money, you automatically participate in their Clash of Spins tournaments, which typically start every hour and last an hour. The prize pool is 200-500 Cash spins depending on the time of day.

There are two types of Clash of Spins tournaments that typically run alternately at Videoslots. In their Spin Clash tournaments, it is simply about making as many spins as possible for at least DKK 2 per spin. spin within the hour that the tournament runs. You decide which machine you play on, so if you play on a fast machine such as Starburst, your chances are better to get high on the leaderboard.

In their Big Win Clash tournament, there is more of an element of chance, because here it is about collecting big wins. A Big Win of 15x the bet gives 1 point, a Mega Win of 30x the bet gives 3 points and a Super Mega Win of 60x the bet gives 9 points. In this tournament you can therefore improve your chances by choosing a slot machine with high volatility, but if you are lucky, you have the opportunity to win the tournament from any slot machine.

Videoslots gives new customers a 100% bonus of up to DKK 1,000 and 11 Free Spins. The deposit must be played through 10x on slot machines before the bonus is released, but this happens in portions of 10%. Every time you have your deposit played through 1 time, you get 10% of your bonus deposited into your account as cash. As long as you have an active bonus on your account, you cannot participate in Clash of Spins – so it is only when your entire bonus has been triggered that you can start scoring Cash Spins from Clash of Spins.

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