How to claim the odds bonus

odds bonus
February 10, 2023 0 Comments

Usually you can easily get an odds bonus at a bookmaker. In this connection, you must complete four steps. We review them below.

  1. Choose a bookmaker Choose an odds page from our list further up. You don’t necessarily need to register with the first and best site. In this connection, you can click on and check several bookmakers and in that way choose the one that suits you best.
  2. Create your account Once you have chosen your preferred bookmaker, you must create an account with them. There you usually have to enter first name, last name, home address, phone number, desired password and similar data. You can only register with a bookmaker in Denmark if you live in a Danish city.
  3. Select deposit method and transfer minimum deposit In the third step, select your preferred deposit method and transfer minimum deposit. Here it is important to check whether the payment method you wish to use applies to the odds bonus. In certain cases, some payment methods are excluded and this will appear in the bonus conditions. There you can also see minimum deposit requirements.
  4. Meet the bonus conditions Finally, you must meet the bonus conditions so that you can have any winnings paid out. Here, account confirmation with NemID is always a requirement at a bookmaker with a Danish license. In addition, there may be requirements for minimum odds, play-through and other things that you should be aware of.

In connection with creating your account, it is important to mention that you may have to enter an odds bonus code. Not many odds sites require this, but it can happen. If so, it will always appear under the bonus terms. Normally, however, you can click on from this page and register with the bonus right away.

Odds bonus on the mobile phone

bonus on the mobile phone

Several betting sites on the web also choose to offer odds bonuses on mobile phones. In fact, it’s more for mobile devices than just your smartphone. The game site cannot of course know whether you are sitting with your smartphone or your tablet.

Mobile betting bonus can vary from being exclusive or standard bonus. This means that there are betting sites that have exclusive offers that only apply to their mobile app. Other times you can sign up with a bookmaker’s bonus either via desktop or mobile depending on your preference.

Not all betting sites have a mobile app. In fact, there are many betting sites that do not choose to design a mobile app for Android or iOS. Here you have to decide whether you prefer to play in the mobile app, or to have the option to do so. Many Danish men and women are happy with sports betting, live streaming and live betting in a mobile app, as it means they do not need to log in with NemID. As long as you have verified your account with NemID within 30 days via a desktop version, you can play with your odds bonus without NemID with a mobile app, if the bookmaker has one.

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