Best Comedy Movies About Betting Of All Time

Movies About Betting
March 28, 2023 0 Comments

The thrill of betting is something that is well known and familiar to all sports betting fans. If you are really into sports betting, there is nothing better then combine different recreational activities related to betting: you can not only place bets on football, tennis, hockey and etc. using sportsbooks as 22Bet,  but also read articles and books about sports betting and watch movies depicting sports betting. Our article is an attempt to journey through the most-watched comedy movies about betting of all time!

“Bookies” (2003)


This comedy will certainly keep you glued on your sofa. The movie centers on four college buddies, who devise a scheme to make money on bookmaking bets. The guys act recklessly and the criminal world quickly learns about them. After this situation, the guys realize that they are on the wrong side and act as illegal bookmakers themselves. Their business quickly goes uphill, bringing a lot of money for the students. Now the friends have to pay a percentage of their income, but their adventurous nature does not want to do that, so a plan to cheat the gangsters is already being developed. One of the college buddies is played by the Big Bag Theory star Johny Galecki. It is an entertaining comedy that also features some realistic elements about betting.

“Lay the Favorite” (2012)

A young girl named Beth, who used to work in a strip bar, moves to Las Vegas, where, thanks to her perfect memory for numbers, she gets a job at an underground BK. The company is owned by a Bruce Willis character named Dink. He has an aptitude for the exact sciences and a good education, but that didn’t help him keep from financial fraud, for which he is now a wanted man.

Beth quickly adopts Dink’s knowledge and moves to New York, where she begins to apply it. Independent activity did not like Dink’s wife. She immediately realized that it will not lead to anything good. The cast in this comedy is brilliant: characters are played by Bruce Williams, Vince Vaugh, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Joshua Jackson. This film is definitely worth watching: you’ll enjoy the humor of the film and also enjoy the film about betting.

“Hardball” (2001)


Well, this film is not a pure comedy, it is dramedy about gambling addict Conor O’Neill (Keanu Reeves). However, it doesnt make this film less interesting and thrilling. Connor is passionate about sports betting, but he has many debts after he lost a large amount of money on sports bets. To earn money he decides to coach a local kids Chicago League Baseball team. To pay all his dues Conor must become a good coach and role model for these kids. “Hardball” is an extremely heart-warming comedy for all who are looking for a good sports betting movie

So, as you see, the movie about betting can be a comedy and still keep viewers on their toes. All the films from this list are comedies, but there are still pretty realistic and reflect the sports betting sphere.

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