Take on the Red Dragon!

Red Dragon
December 8, 2022 0 Comments

Get ready to be blown away by Big Time Gaming’s slot machine, Dragon Born Slot, where you can win in a whopping 117,649 ways! The first hint that this isn’t just another slot machine with a Chinese dragon theme is the fabulous mega reels, which consist of a whopping 7 paylines that can be filled with a variety of single and multi window symbols .

Plus the formidable backdrop of mountains, rivers, etc., and you have no doubt that this isn’t just any treasure hunt you’re setting out on. The slot machine is one of the most popular slot machines at Maria Casino. Right now, only “The Green Lantern” beats Dragon Born in terms of how many people play on the machine.

Win your bet 2, 3, 4, 5 or 50 times again!

Win your bet

All the prizes in the machine are multiplied by your total bet, which can vary from 1 coin to 200 coins. All you have to do is choose your desired bet, spin the wheel, and then just watch while the 42 windows work their way through the huge repository of winning possibilities and various bonus symbols! If you combine this game with the bonus that Maria Casino offers, you can go very quickly and get good winning chances on this slot machine.

The adventure itself is as interesting as the visuals on the slot, as you have to defend the members of the castle from the dragon and his better half. The good thing about having to defend members of the palace is that you can of course win prizes by protecting both the knights, the king and the queen. In fact, you can win prizes that potentially double your total bet.

If you manage to defeat the dangerous, and not least fearsome female dragon, there are really good profits waiting, as you can actually get your stake back 2.5 times if this was successful. If you manage to find the stolen, royal jewelry, it can return the bet up to 4 times. And if you manage to find your missing ruby, you will get your money back up to 5 times!

The best thing you can do on the Dragon Born slot machine is to fight the red Dragon, and you do that by hitting 6 matching symbols on a paying line, and then the prize is really good at first, namely a whopping 50 x your bet to get if you can get hit on the deadly chinese dragon!

If you have questions about the Dragon Born slot machine, or just other general questions about Maria Casino, you can find answers to most questions in our Maria Casino FAQ.

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